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How do you really want to spend your retirement?

Generating income in retirement is normally a major concern for many retirees. Your savings and investments may not be working as hard as they should to guarantee you a steady flow of income during your retirement. So, what do you do? You are no longer employed so you are not generating steady income from employment. Should you look for a part-time job? Are you physically able to take up a part time job? What about the state benefits that you are entitled to? Are you getting all of them? If you are not, how much of your precious time do you want to spend fighting the government to make sure that you are getting the benefits that you are entitled to? 

What about your home? Can you afford to maintain your property? Can you afford to make the required improvements to your home needed to sustain your changing physical condition? Would you eventually need to downsize on your home because you are no longer able to maintain it? Do you really want to spend your retirement worrying about all of the above or do you want to spend it relaxing with your partner, traveling the world and spending time with your loved ones? Read More...

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